2012 - 2013 College of Engineering Graduate Student Awards

Engineering Graduate Research Symposium Awards

Recognizing students who presented exceptional research posters at the 2012 Engineering Graduate Research Symposium


  • Shannon McGraw, "A Resistance Based Biosensor Utilizing Conducting Microfibers for Microbial Pathogen Detection"
  • Irwin R. Donis-González, "Visualizing internal characteristics of fresh agricultural products though traditional & ultrafast limited-angle-type x-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging"
  • Pichamon Limcharoenchat, "Statistical Distribution of Human Error in Positioning Temperature Probes in Meat Patties for Thermal Process Validation"


  • Ryan Stoklosa, "Characterization of Solubilized Biopolymers from Alkali Pulping Liquors"
  • Hongmei Li, "Comparison of the Deformation Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium and Ti-5Al-2.5Sn(wt.%) at 296K and 728K"
  • Atishi Bali, "New bio-based polyurethanes from plant dimer acids using isocyanate free process"


  • Ata Babazadeh, "Inelastic Response of Slender Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns"
  • Yi Sun, "Numerical Investigation on the Energy Absorption Capabilities of Nano-copper Reinforced Open-cell Aluminum Foams"
  • Esam Aziz, "Residual Strength Assessment of Fire Exposed Bridge Girders"
  • Maggie Kronlein, "A Minimally Invasive, Simple, 1-Hr Assay for Cancer Marker Screening"
  • Elaheh Esfahanian, "Adsorption Followed by Ozonation-Membrane Filtration for the Removal of Atrazine"
  • Hang Shi, "Combined precipitative and colloidal fouling of reverse osmosis membranes"


  • Eric Norige, "A Few Bits Are Enough - ASIC Friendly Regular Expression Matching"
  • Jordan Fish, "Gene-targeted metagenome assembly"
  • Scott Klum, "Facial Sketch to Photo Matching"
  • Sarah Coburn, "Passive Viewpoints in a Collaborative Immersive Environment"
  • Changsong Liu, "Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue"
  • Lei Liu, "Efficient Label Tree learning for Large Multi-Class Classification"
  • Muhammad Shahzad, "Large Scale Exploratory Analysis of Software Vulnerability Life Cycles"


  • Muatazbellah Abdelsalam, "Output Feedback Control of a Class of Nonlinear Systems"
  • Jianguo Zhao, "A tail assisted miniature jumping and running robot: exploring the biologically inspired multi-mode locomotion"
  • Mohammed Ben-Idris, "Cascading Failures Analysis based on composite Lyapunov function"
  • Rohit Nehe, "Effect of Flow Perturbation on Mixing in a Low Reynolds Number Shear Flow"
  • Tohid Darvishzadeh, "Numerical Study of Crossflow Enhanced Microfiltration of Oil-in-Water Emulsions"
  • Abdul Motin, "Cross Flow Filtration Hydrocyclone (CFFH) for Oil-Water Separation"

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Recognizing the most outstanding student in each graduate program, as selected by department faculty.

Irwin R. Donis-González, Biosystems Engineering   Advisor: Daniel E. Guyer
Hyun Ju Cho, Chemical Engineering Advisor: Christina Chan
XiaoFeng Fan, Materials Science Advisor: Eldon Case
Purushotham Pakala, Civil Engineering Advisor: Venkatesh Kodur
Amanda Herzog, Environmental Engineering Advisor: Syed Hashsham
Andres Ramirez, Computer Science Advisor: Betty Cheng
Emmanuell Merced, Electrical Engineering Advisor: Nelson Sepúlveda
Azadeh Sheidaei, Engineering Mechanics Advisor: Farhang Pourboughrat
Abhishek Dutta, Mechanical Engineering Advisor: Srinivasan Arjun Tekalur

Fitch H. Beach Awards

Recognizing the most outstanding graduate student researcher in each department.

FIRST PLACE: Hongzhi Chen, Advisor: Ning Xi, Electrical & Computer Engineering
"Infrared Camera Using a Carbon Nanotube Based Photodetector"

SECOND PLACE: M. Zubair Shafiq, Advisor: Alex Liu, Computer Science & Engineering
"Measurement and Modeling of Large Scale Networks"

THIRD PLACE: Amanda Herzog, Advisor: Syed Hashsham, Civil & Environmental Engineering
"Factors to Consider in the Evaluation of Risk at the Environmental Detection Limit"

HONORABLE MENTION: Stephen Boona, Advisor: Donald Morelli, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science
"Utilizing Structure/Processing/Property Relationships to Achieve Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in CePd3 for Cryogenic Cooling Applications"

HONORABLE MENTION: Dharmendra Mishra, Advisor: Kirk Dolan, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
"Intrinsic Verification and Estimation of Thermal Parameters at Elevated Temperatures"

HONORABLE MENTION: Andrew White, Advisors: Gouming Zhu and Jongeun Choi, Mechanical Engineering
"Gain Scheduling Control with Hard Constraints"